Maria Cohen is an award-winning artist based in Moscow. She holds a BA in studio art from the Moscow College of Performing Arts (stage designer workshop). She received her MA from the Surikov Art Institute in 2016 (workshop of monumental art). Maria has been involved in multiple solo and group shows nationally and internationally. Her artworks are held in many private collections in Europe and Russia.

Maria demonstrates a highly developed sense of color and composition and a keep attention to detail. She illuminates qualities that often go unnoticed by the casual observer.

Artist Statement

For me art is like psychotherapy. With the help of the abstract image I can transform reality into what I want it to be and find answers to important questions or express what I feel about what is happening around me. I want to express my feelings, not illustrate them. Abstract painting gives me this opportunity. In this area of art I can be free, there are no limits to how and what I create, only those that I impose myself.

I set my art in opposition to a reality that is replete with prohibitions and dogmas. My art renders abstract representations of the honesty and unfairness, the love and hate of the real world, highlighting aspects that are difficult to portray concretely. Abstract art reveals the underlying truth of things and asserts the possibility of harmonious coexistence of seemingly incompatible phenomena in life.

Curriculum vitae / CV